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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

I would firstly like to thank you all for your patience and understanding during the last sixteen months while visiting at our care homes has been disrupted. I appreciate this has been a difficult period for you all and fully acknowledge not seeing your loved one has been extremely upsetting.

Our teams have worked extremely hard during this period, and continue to do so to keep our residents and themselves safe during the ongoing pandemic. Our staff continue to adhere to very strict guidelines and infection control measures. Our priority now must be to prevent infections in our care homes as our residents remain significantly vulnerable; we ask for your continued support with this.

We recognise visiting is a vital part of care home life for both residents and loved ones.

The Government announced an update on 12th July 2021 regarding the roadmap to cautiously easing lockdown restrictions in England. This included an announcement that care home visiting will change from 19th July 2021.

The vast majority of our residents and our staff have now received their second vaccination but we must remain vigilant to ensure our priority remains to ensure our residents receive the care and support they need. That includes ensuring that our residents are not put at avoidable risk of contracting Covid-19, which can have such a devastating impact if it spreads through a care home, infecting vulnerable residents and potentially our staff. We will take every step to maintain the health and wellbeing of our residents, recognising the importance of their physical well-being and mental health.

We will maintain the weekly testing of our staff using the PCR testing and twice weekly testing with LFD tests, isolating them on receipt of a positive test or in a period where they are presenting with symptoms and awaiting a test outcome in accordance with current guidance. We will maintain 28 days testing of our residents in accordance with current guidance.

All care home residents now have no restrictions on the number of visitors for indoor visiting, but this excludes babies and preschool-aged children. Any children, over preschool age, visiting should also accompanied by an adult at all times. All visits must be supported with LFD tests on every visit and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Those with highest care needs can continue nominate an ‘essential family carer’. With the agreement of the care home, these visitors will have access to the same testing and PPE as care home staff, so they can provide support with washing and dressing or eating well.

Visiting arrangements, some of which have been available throughout lockdown, can continue outdoors, in visiting ‘pods’, or indoors behind substantial screens in a dedicated area / room. The visiting area must only be used by one visitor and one resident at any time and must be cleaned thoroughly between visits. Windows must be left open to allow ventilation.

Vaccination is not mandatory and is not a condition of visiting.

In the event of an outbreak of Covid-19 at a care home, visiting will cease immediately. Please note an outbreak can involve residents and / or staff. The home will then remain closed to all but essential visiting until the home has recovered from the outbreak. A recovered outbreak is defined as 28 days or more since the last suspected of confirmed case of Covid-19 was reported.

During an outbreak, visiting will only be considered in exceptional circumstances, such as at end of life, and will be risk assessed on an individual basis.

We will respond quickly when there a confirmed or suspected Covid-19 case within a care home and likewise we will reopen our care homes to visitors promptly once the outbreak recovery period has been completed.

We will endeavour, during any period where the home is closed to visitors, to facilitate remote contact – phone calls, zoom meetings, face time.

Arrangements for Visits

Visits will be by appointment only, as agreed by the Home Manager, we ask that you do not attend the home without prior arrangements in place. In the main, visits will be arranged Monday – Friday between 0830 – 1700, but requests for visits outside of these times will be at the Home Managers discretion.

Appointments will be not be time limited but we ask that consideration is giving to allow for cleaning between visits and to enable the Home Manager to monitor and maintain the safety of our residents and our staff.

Conditions of visiting:

  • The visitors will have to take a rapid lateral flow test every time they visit; we will assist with the completion of these tests. The outcome of the test is known within 30minutes. Visitors will be required to remain outside of the home until a negative test result is confirmed. A positive test rest i.e., indicating the visitor is likely to have Covid—19 will mean the visit cannot go ahead.
  • We will record the visitors temperature on arrival at the home; if the temperature is raised your admittance will be refused.
  • The visitors will be asked to complete an entry questionnaire, including a health declaration and to leave contact details prior to admission. Failure to complete this will result in admittance being refused.
  • The visitors will be asked to sanitise or wash their hands on entering and leaving the home.
  • The visitors will be provided with a face mask, gloves, and apron which they must wear during the visit.

Should the visitors refuse to adhere to these conditions, access to the home will be declined.

  • The visitors must enter the home via the door closest to the resident’s bedroom – this may be via a fire exit; the route should limit the visitor walking through the home. The visitors must be escorted by a designated staff member and must not touch door plates, keypads, handrails on entering and exiting the home.
  • The visit will be conducted in the residents bedroom.
  • Contact with other residents is not permitted.
  • Contact with staff will be minimal, less than 15 minutes and >2m social distancing will be maintained.

We recognise that some of our residents will require support from staff to facilitate these visits; this will be provided.

We acknowledge that some of our residents living with dementia may lack the relevant capacity to decide whether to consent to this visiting policy or these interim arrangements. These residents fall under the empowering framework of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and are protected by its safeguards. In these circumstances Best Interest discussions will be held between the care home and the resident’s relevant representatives.

We will not apply a blanket approach to visiting arrangements – We recognise that visiting in circumstances where a resident is approaching end of life, where there has been a significant / sudden deterioration in health or in circumstances where restricted visiting is adversely affecting a residents mental well-being, must be considered out with the above arrangements. In these circumstances, the Home Manager will agree ‘safe visiting’ with the residents loved ones in the best interest of the resident. In these circumstances more than one visitor may be permitted to visit but the expectation on entering a home remain unchanged ie negative LFT test, normal temperature, completion of entry questionnaire and the wearing of full PPE


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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What we are doing to keep our residents safe.

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